Organic Soil Care Programs

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Organic soil care is a way of improving the soil structure and adding “life” back into the soil. This in turn promotes healthy trees and shrubs, since the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs often depends on the quality of soil the roots are growing in. 

Organic Soil Care Programs for Tree Service

Often in urban settings such as those found in the Halifax Regional Municipality, there is little organic material going back into the soil.  Leaves and grass clippings are removed from the site and over time organic materials become depleted. 

Organic Soil Care Tree Services in Halifax Nova Scotia

Organic Soil Care Tree Services in Halifax Nova Scotia

Often in new construction there is a lot of fill material used that has poor soil structure and little organic material. This can be problematic, especially in settings like the rocky Bedford NS or in Sackville and Beaverbank NS which are known for the dense, hard, and thick layers of clay found in the ground there.

Improving Tree and Shrub Health with Organic Soil Care

Through an organic soil care program we can help you improve soil structure and add life back into to your soil.  By incorporating composts and injecting water soluble products we can add beneficial micro organisms back into your soil to give your trees and shrubs a healthy environment to thrive in.

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Written on: Dec 23rd, 2006
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