Tree Support Systems

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Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing, combined with proper pruning practices can help stabilize a structurally weak tree. 

Tree Cabling in Halifax Nova Scotia

Weak limbs and co-dominant stems can be supported using cabling and bracing. These support systems can help keep a tree in tact and prevent storm damage and limb breakage when the tree is under stress from heavy loads and winds.

Tree Bracing and Cabling – Tree Support Services in Halifax Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s Arbor Plant Health Care has knowledgeable and experienced ISA Certified Arborists who are trained to identify situations when tree support systems would be beneficial.

Tree Cabling Service and Support Systems in Halifax Nova Scotia

Tree Cabling Service and Support Systems in Halifax Nova Scotia

As part of our tree cabling and support system services, we design these systems based on the unique circumstances of the trees in question, and once approved by the owner, our team goes to work installing the system.

Our team understands the engineering involved in tree cabling and bracing and how it can best benefit your particular tree situation.

Contact us today to find out if your trees would benefit from a support system.

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Written on: Jan 2nd, 2007
Authored by: Arbor Plant Health Care

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